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The legend of the sacred of Myanmar

Once upon a time, in Burma on the slope of the Lugh Mountains, there was the temple of Lao-Tsun. This holy place sheltered religious of which the most holy, the venerable kittah named Mun-Ha, lived in the fast and the contemplation of the golden goddess with the eyes of sapphire, the very precious Tsun-Kianksé. Goddess of reincarnation, she guided souls in their journey between the body of a man and that of an animal, until the ultimate purification. Near Mun-Ha meditated his cat Sinh, head of the hundred sacred cats of the temple. All were white in body, but their faces, their paws and their tails, marked with the impurity of the ground, were the color of earth.
The holy place was peaceful. But one cursed night, the enemy Thais came to invade the temple of Lao-Tsun and kill the religious.
At the approach of these wicked, the venerable Mun-Ha died, in prayer. Among the other holy men reigned consternation; deprived of their guide, they no longer resisted and were ready to let the invaders invest and sack the temple.
That's when Sinh, the sacred cat, leaps to stand on his master's head
deceased, facing the goddess whom he adjured with a look of her golden eyes. Tsun-Kianksé
could not remain indifferent to this call; moved by Sinh's courage, she
performed a miracle. The cat's white coat was instantly transmuted to gold,
while his eyes became like the two pure sapphires that adorned the
face of the goddess. With his fingers that touched the head of the dead holy man,
the impure color of earth withdrew, to give way to the most brilliant white.
Sinh, with a hieratic gesture, turned an imperious glance towards the door of the temple of
Lao-Tsun whom the enemies were ready to force. The prostrate kit-tahs, whose
courage and ardor had been revived by the prodigy, then took up arms for
repel the invaders. The fight was bitter and short: the temple was saved from
For seven days, Sinh watched over his dead master, refusing to leave him or to go away.
of the goddess if only for a moment to eat. At the end of this time, Sinh him
also died, carrying to Tsun-Kianksé the perfect soul of the faithful Mun-Ha.
Seven more days passed, then the priests gathered to designate the one
of them who would succeed Mun-Ha. It was then that all the sacred cats of the
temple advanced, coming from all sides of the holy place. All had suffered the same
metamorphosis that Sinh. Slowly, they walked towards Ligoa, one of the Kittahs, and surrounded him with respect, manifesting the will of the goddess.
Since then, every sacred cat that dies takes with it the reincarnated soul of a priest for his eternal stay in paradise. And woe to him who harms a sacred cat: he will suffer the torments desired by the troubled soul he has offended.
Since this time also, all the sacred cats carry in their eyes the sapphires of the goddess Tsun-Kianksé; their coat is golden, and their face, tail and limbs are dark, except for the fingers, which are immaculate white.
This legend makes us dream, taking us to countries and times where men, animals and gods communicated. She also explains to us all the peculiarities of the sacred of Burma, in a way that is certainly different from those offered to us by breeders or scientists, but with so much poetry!

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

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