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The character

The sacred of Burma are inherently kind. They behave peacefully among themselves, or towards other cats in the house. Like rascals in a playground, it happens that two Burmese indulge in muscular games, but real fights are extremely rare.
Burmese people like to live in groups, sleeping paw-to-foot with other cats in the household and grooming each other.
In the houses where several Burmese live, they can be seen dozing huddled together in the most comfortable place.
They take their meals side by side without any problem.
With regard to humans, the sacred of Burma is the most pleasant of companions, because it is very close to its master
The sacred of Myanmar plays until old age. No need for sophisticated toys: what he wants is to play with his master!
A cork, a ball of aluminum foil make these delicacies, as long as it is their owner who makes them stir them.
He is a very present "cat-dog", who likes to watch TV with his master
He can go out if the garden is secure! he likes to play and hunt
He is a balanced cat, very cuddly and talkative
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