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We are happy to present our small breeding located in Lorraine more precisely in Ennery in the 57


We are a very ordinary family, but with a passion for animals in general.

It all started with a rabbit for children, parakeets, dogs, fish, and cats of course, but simple alley cats.

It was during a discussion of animals that my husband told me about the Sacred Cat of Burma and that he had wanted one for years, to my surprise!

And that's where our story begins, I went to see my children to talk about it and we said why not give Dad a surprise for Father's Day.

And voila that research begins on the internet in search of our Matou.

Our research stopped on a small family farm in Lunéville where we acquired our ISIDORE.

15 days later it was I LOVE YOU who came to join the family


And for Christmas it is the little IBIZA which was under the tree.

With all this sacred cat family from Burma my husband is filled and happy, the children and myself too. These are the loves of cats, very affectionate, very close to their masters, very talkative, in short, kitty creams, who share our daily life.

With us no cage or room where cats are locked, our loves have access to all our home

We will hope that only one thing from our small family breeding, tried to share our passion, and to make happy other families with our little kittens.

The well-being of our little furballs is very important, that's why we are looking for families who will know how to give all the love they need, and there is one thing that is certain is that they will return it to you a hundredfold, because they are the loves of cats

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